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2.0 and 2.3 Engine Tuning:

Mamba Motorsport offer stages of tune for the 2.0 and 2.3 duratec engine from 180bhp to 280bhp. We also supply bespoke ancilliaries that you may need to complete your installation.
Because there are so many options available we have stopped cataloging them here and we suggest you contact us for a chat so you get the right bits to work together for the best results.

Note that our kits include an Omex ECU complete with 3D MAP and wiring loom.
Each 3D Map has been designed and tested to maximise the output at each stage, so you don't have to spend time on a dyno to set it up. Of course every engine is slightly different so for race use we recommend a rolling road session to fine tune the map.

DURATEC Performance

Some background information on Duratec engines and how to choose the correct engine can be found here.

Important Tuning Notes:

DURATEC engines have NO keyways and rely on the clamping effort of the crankshaft bolt to drive all the timing gear & oil pump.

With higher output engines , Stage 3+ for 2.0ltr and Stage 2+ for 2.3ltr, we strongly advise that the crankshaft nose and the damper are keyed and that the whole crankshaft, flywheel & clutch assemblies are balanced.
This is done as a standard on Mamba Motorsport built engines and we can offer it as a service for 550 on self-bulid kits.

The use of the correct exhaust system is important to achieving the stated outputs. Up to 230 bhp we recommend the short header manifold listed in our Ancilliaries section. Above this we can advise the correct header lengths and pipe configuration for you to have your manifold made.

As components are under constant development & review, please contact us by email or call to discuss your requirements.

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