Class A Championship winning AH Sprite

Out of stock Sensible offers invited

Sensible offers invited for Class A Championship winning car 2022, MGCC Midget and Sprite Challenge.

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Multiple Wins, Fastest Laps, Lap Records and Poles.

Car is on the button, excellent balance, easy setup and developed to maximise the MGCC Class A rules. 

Also eligible for CSCC and HSCC Modsports, class 4 MGCC sprint championship and many other series.

Fresh build in 2017 with 90% new chassis, everything else new.

  • New belts and extinguisher system for 2022. Ready to race 2024.
  • 1408cc Mamba Motorsport full race engine (£10k+) freshly rebuilt including head. 140bhp+.
  • Ballasted up to 500kg (<475kg wet without ballast).
  • 2 race old slicks on force racing wheels plus spare slicks and avon wets.
  • 245mm brakes with 4 pot alloy calipers (Mamba).
  • Protech coilover dampers all round.

Lots of special parts including:

  • Floor mounted pedal box. Tilton cylinders, dash-mounted bias adjustment.
  • Carbon GRP Tillett seat
  • Carbon fibre steering column
  • Mamba 3-Link rear suspension
  • Mamba super-lightweight flywheel and clutch
  • Mamba enhanced Maniflow LCBII through-tunnel exhaust system
  • Omex speed system
  • Semi dry-deck Brett Sims head 

  • 52s at Brands Hatch
  • 1:52s at Oulton Park
  • 1:17s at Donington

Call Rich for more information.