Adjustable Camber Kit (MGB on Midget)

Updated Dec 2019 for plate Kit V3.1

The Mamba Motorsport Adjustable Camber Kit is designed to allow fine adjustment of the camber on a track Spridget.

Kit Contents:

1 x LH Base Plate
1 x RH Base Plate
6 x 1" x 3/8" Base Bolts
4 x 1"1/4 3/8" Clamp Bolts
4 x 1"1/2 3/8" Clamp Bolts
8 x 3/8" Nyloc Nuts
4 x "thick" 1/2" washers
4 x "thin" 1/2" washers
1 x full set poly bush kit for top trunnions
8 x 3/8" washers 


This kit modifies the suspension of your track car. Incorrect installation could cause suspension failure with the possibility of injury. If in doubt get a professional to install and setup the kit.


Torque all bolts to 30ftlb.

  1. Measure the existing camber and toe settings for reference. 

    Note: Always 'bounce' the car to settle the springs and dampers and weight the car to mimic the mass of the driver before taking geometry measurements. 
  2. Jack the car until the front wheels are just touching the ground and the damper arms are just clear of the bump stops.
  3. Undo the trunnion bolt lock bolt and remove from shock lever arm.
  4. Release trunnion bolt and remove bolt.
  5. Remove old bushes from trunnion and clean out the trunnion.
  6. Undo the three bolts retaining shock and remove shock.
  7. Select the correct hand mounting plate.
  8. Insert the 4 clamp bolts through the base plate slots (from bottom to top) and place the plate on the turret to stop them dropping out. The short (1"1/4) clamp bolts are positioned toward the outside of the car under the damper pivot.
  9. Insert the three base bolts through the base plate from top to bottom and bolt to the turret.
  10. Put the MGB damper assembly on top of the plate stack. You may need to remove a small section of inner wing at this point to give clearance for the rear shock lever arm.
  11. Do up the clamp bolts with washers underneath them but do not torque them down fully, just a 'nip'.
  12. Fit the new Polybush set provided to the top trunnion and lower the shock arms. At this point it will become apparent that the gap between the arms is greater than the assembled width of the trunnion and bush kit by around 6mm.
  13. Using 1/2" plain washers - 2 x thick and 2 x thin in addition to the poly kit washers, "shim" the trunnion as necessary to give a snug fit between the new shock arms using the opportunity lose any play from the bottom trunnion by setting the King Pin as far toward the rear of the car as is "comfortable" - DO NOT force it back. This will maximise any castor available which Midgets tend to be a bit light on! You shouldn't need all 4 washers but the appropriate selection for best fit.
  14. Fit new MGB trunnion bolt, nut and split pin - this only needs to be "nipped" up.
  15. Gently let the car down and settle it to ride height.
  16. Repeat on other side.
  17. Set the camber by loosening the clamp nuts and sliding the damper. A hide mallet can be used on the damper for small adjustment if required. 
  18. Torque the clamp bolts.
  19. Set the tracking (for track use we recommend 0deg08' per side of toe-in)
  20. After the first drive, check the torque on the clamp bolts and the camber setting. 


Do NOT over torque the Nuts and Bolts.

Do NOT Paint the sliding surfaces of the plates until after installation.

Do NOT grease between the plates.

Any problems give us a call.

Mock installation of right hand plate on cardboard.