Midget Steel Flywheel Kit - 180mm

The perfect solution for UK racers:

  • 180mm steel clutch cover + bolts
  • 180mm organic, sprung center plate
  • Roller release bearing and billet carrier
  • Lightweight steel flywheel (2.7kg)

Saving over 4kg from the standard setup, this package provides a clutch that can cope with any A series race engine torque along with a smooth, progressive take-up that protects the transmission and low rotating mass to help protect the crankshaft.

AND it fits in the bell housing without having to grind anything away.

ARP crankshaft bolts are +£35.00  

Please add £60.00 if you would like us to assemble and balance the assembly. 

Note if you have the crank out of the engine we recommend getting your full assembly balanced.