Racing Heritage

Father and son team John and Richard Bridge both race Austin Healeys in the Midget and Sprite Challenge

Our love for racing (and winning) has inspired us to seek out improvements in all areas of the cars. Each of our products has undergone extensive testing in real race cars before we offer them for sale because we won't sell anything that we don't use ourselves.

Latest Products

SOLO 2 + 4k Camera Kit Bundle

The excellent Solo 2 laptimer and the Mamba Camera Kit together as a bundle. Get predictive laptiming and analysis from the solo live on track then download the video and data and create overlays of time, speed, etc on your video before sharing to Youtube or doing some more driver training.  Perfect for improving your car and your driving without breaking the bank. Includes 8Gb MicroSD card, billet camera mounting kit and remote control. The Aim Solo 2 GPS Car Racing Track Day Lap Timer is a completely automatic motorsport laptimer. receives the data from two satellite constellations GPS and Glonass, which is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version.The power ON requires only a few seconds and the lap times are calculated with a max 2/100 sec of tolerance. 

£400.00 £410.00

Aim Solo 2 GPS Racing Lap Timer

These are just amazing - predictive lap timing like the F1 guys have plus analysis and logging and G-force. Add a camera and combine the data to provide great video overlays for youtube too.  The Aim Solo 2 GPS Car Racing Track Day Lap Timer is a completely automatic motorsport laptimer. receives the data from two satellite constellations GPS and Glonass, which is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version.The power ON requires only a few seconds and the lap times are calculated with a max 2/100 sec of tolerance. 


4k Action Camera Kit (WiFi camera, Remote control, Billet mount, 8Gb SD card)

Complete kit for mounting to a car including 8Gb SD Card. Not a cheap suction / plastic mount! WiFi enabled 4k camera (Sony CCD) Remote start/stop button Billet roll cage mount 8Gb micro SD card + SD card adapter Free - Additional bike and sport mounts See example videos on Rich's Youtube . Complete solution to in-car video recording. Sturdy 38mm bracket gives stable pictures and the remote control makes it easy to start / stop from the driver seat. Pair this with our SOLO 2 and dashware software to have full data overlays on your videos. Improve your driving, share your experience with friends on Youtube etc. 


1380 Fast road engine for Midget / Sprite / Minor

Reconditioned 1380 in line A series engine: Suit MG Midget/A H Sprite/Minor etc. MG Midget A series thick flange 11 stud block freshly bored 73.5mm (1380cc) New high quality cast pistons Crank uprated to Marina crank with Midget flywheel flange New MET270 billet and drilled fast road camshaft Vernier cam drive with Iwis duplex chain New Metro hi-flow oil pump New no bypass water pump with glass filled impeller Oil galleries tapped & plugged and all new core plugs - block chemically cleaned. Standard "Big Valve" 11 stud head with hard exhaust valve seats EN24 competition head stud set ARP rod bolts MED roller tipped rockers Block decked to give 10.5:1 static compression Lightened Midget flywheel with good clutch & cover & new ring gear Bottom end with clutch & flywheel balanced. Aldon points type vac distributor The price is based on a suitable exchange engine. That means a serviceable in line thick flange 1275 A, A+ Marina or A+ Ital engine, not sleeved and no more than +0.040" bores.If there is no exchange unit available there will be a £650 surcharge. Collection only and payment by BACS before or cash on collection please (no paypal on this one). An invoice will be provided with limited warranty.Any questions please ask .


Midget Steel Flywheel Kit - 180mm

The perfect solution for UK racers: 180mm steel clutch cover + bolts 180mm organic, sprung center plate Roller release bearing and billet carrier Lightweight steel flywheel (2.7kg) Saving over 4kg from the standard setup, this package provides a clutch that can cope with any A series race engine torque along with a smooth, progressive take-up that protects the transmission and low rotating mass to help protect the crankshaft. AND it fits in the bell housing without having to grind anything away. ARP crankshaft bolts are +£35.00   Please add £60.00 if you would like us to assemble and balance the assembly.  Note if you have the crank out of the engine we recommend getting your full assembly balanced.


Distributor - full race (Red spec) + Electronic ignition

Mamba have teamed up with a main-stream distributor manufacturer to produce a special race-spec A and A+ race distributor. In answer to recent problems with quality from our usual suppliers we felt there was no option but to produce a new high quality product with all the features a club racer needs. Proper race spec rotor arm Electronic ignition  Race advance curve designed for long duration ( >286 degree) cams. Finished with long silicone leads so they don't suffer vibration fatigue We believe this is now the best A series race distributor on the market. Available for A or A+ with either side or straight cap. Please specify your preference in the notes of your order. 


3 cylinder pedal box with balance bar & master cylinders

Triple cylinder pedal box fits in standard midget / sprite mounting. Complete with balance bar and cylinders. Clutch cylinder has integral reservoir and brake cylinders use a shared remote reservoir (due to the fitment angle in the car, an integral reservoir is less suitable but we can provide this as an option if required). Update: 2019 version has additional slot for mounting remote bias adjuster cable. Master cylinder sizes: 0.5 (1/2)" .625 (5/8)" .700" .75 (3/4)" Add the required master cylinder sizes in the comment box after confirming your order.


Midget to MGB damper conversion kit

Mamba have designed a front suspension upgrade package that replaces the standard radial arm damper units. By using an MGB Shock Absorber the top king-pin mounting point is significantly strengthened, thus improving it's location and providing more consistent geometry. The 'Shock' is mounted on Mamba designed laser cut slider plates, which allow the camber angle to be set to better suit the application, i.e. circuit, sprint or hill climb.


Midget adjustable camber front suspension kit

Laser-cut steel mounting plates and fitting kit. The plates sit between the damper unit and the chassis turret to allow fine suspension adjustment WITHOUT replacing the trunnion.  Set your camber to any value 1.5 - 4.0 degrees. Allows you to dial out any minor inconsistencies. Note: the plates raise the inner pivot centre which gives improved toplink geometry for cars using shorter than standard springs. This results in less bumpsteer and less camber-gain in roll (ie more grip!) We have full alignment setup in-house and can fit these and setup the camber and toe for you. Call for setup price. 4-6 week lead time at the moment but contact us for an accurate delivery estimate or if you need them urgently.


Steel flywheels (A-series)

Steel flywheels for high performance Midget & Sprite. 2.7kg (4.5kg less than standard) Featuring integral ring gear for balance, weight and safety.  Chromoly steel  - not cheaper EN8 Available for 180mm or 184mm clutches - please specify in comments when ordering. (+£10.00 if you require bolts and dowels)


Steel Race Clutch Cover 180mm

180mm Steel race clutch cover is light and designed to handle torque outputs well in excess of even our long-stroke 1496cc race engines. No pad design Requires a modified or race flywheel. Clutch plates sold separately All our clutches are built to order so allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (call if you need sooner)


Road spec 180 clutch cover

A heavier design of the 180mm clutch cover more suitable for spirited road use rather than race. Requires a modified or race flywheel Clutch plates available separately All our clutches are built to order please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (or call us)


Billet Alloy Race Clutch Cover 184mm

Full race, lightweight billet alloy lug-type clutch cover. The lightest cover available for a Midget.  Friction plate available separately. Requires a race-spec flywheel. Clutch covers are made to order. Delivery in 4-6 weeks, please call to check before ordering.